Unofficial Updates

This section is going to be reorganised. Until then you can view the old website to get information about the Unofficial Service Pack 5, UURollup, Update Rollup 2 and other unofficial packages for Windows 2000.

Windows 2000 Updates Lists

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Internet Explorer
Windows Media
Microsoft Update

The updates here are sorted into lists by component. The lists are designed for use with HFSLIP. As a result, they may omit certain updates (in contrast to other similar lists). The newest version of HFSLIP can be downloaded from Mimo's website. Basic how-to use HFSLIP is also available there. For other help with HFSLIP, post your query in the HFSLIP Forum at MSFN. Likewise, please post there any corrections you think necessary for the lists.

Updates here are multilanguage, unless otherwise stated. Note that in some cases you must choose the correct version of an update to match the version of a system component you have decided to install. Before using this page, please read the disclaimer. You might also want to brew yourself some strong tea or coffee.



Microsoft have removed links to عربي updates from their website. For the time being, you should download them using Microsoft Update Catalog (works only in Internet Explorer!). Unfortunately, some updates seem to be missing from there.
[Windows 2003]2981580
Root Certificates 41.0.2195.0. Please read its note.
[hotfix]291343, [hotfix]983234. Updated the folder. Please read its notes.
[hotfix]326912, [hotfix]830460, [hotfix]831877. Updated the notes.
[hotfix]830407, [hotfix]834158, [hotfix]835730, [hotfix]889330, [hotfix]890466, 891861 (Update Rollup 1), [hotfix]893627. Added direct URLs to the registry fixes.
[problematic][hotfix]891503. It is problematic and cannot be slipstreamed.
[server]892211, 983838, 2347290, 2483185. Fixed the URLs.
893803 (Windows Installer 3.1 v2). Added URL for [日本語](NEC).
899591, 917537, 973037, [problematic][server]976323. Added URLs for عربي and [日本語](NEC).
[problematic]908531. It is now listed as problematic. Please read the notes for details.
924432. Updated the notes. It is not available for عربي and [日本語](NEC).
974783. Changed the URL for [日本語](NEC).
Windows Script 5.7. Updated the notes.
Windows Script ActiveX Control. Updated the notes. Use the English version regardless of your system language.
The Windows Media Player and Windows Media Codecs updates lists have been merged into one single list called Windows Media.
The Windows Update and Microsoft Update / Office Update lists have been merged into one single list called Microsoft Update.
[hotfix]818801 (replaced by [hotfix]888111)
[Windows XP]2736233 (replaced by [Windows XP]2900986)
[Windows XP]2794119 (replaced by [Windows 2003]2981580)
2798897 (replaced by 2982792)
Flash Player SWFLASH.CAB. Using IE5 / IE6 to browse the Internet is unsafe. It is recommended to avoid IE and use an alternative browser instead. Therefore, the IE-only Flash Player is no longer required in a typical Windows 2000 installation.
Root Certificates 36.0.2195.0 (replaced by Root Certificates 41.0.2195.0)
Removed all info about Windows Media Player 7. WMP7 was released after Windows 2000 and has never been part of it. There is no reason to use WMP7 at this point. Either install WMP9 with its updates or stick to WMP6.4.
Removed all [unofficial]unofficial updates from the updates list.

Update types

Windows XP / 2003
were produced by Microsoft to fix specific problems, and are issued on a per-request, optional basis via email (they are not generally available like other updates). Unlike updates on general release, they were not tested extensively. For example, they did not undergo regression testing. As such, some of these hotfixes may cause unforeseen problems for some users. Hotfixes have a green background and a mail icon for their links.
Superseded updates
are those replaced by newer hotfixes from Microsoft. The description for each superseded update has a link to the newer update that supersedes it. Superseded updates are listed here for those who prefer not to use hotfixes. They are distinguished here from other updates by a gray background, gray text and a cross sign for their links.
Problematic updates
are official updates and hotfixes which are proven to cause issues after installation. It is generally recommended to be careful when using them. Problematic updates have a red background and an exclamation mark icon for their links.

Update scenarios

For the latest updates (of all types):
Disregard the gray-background superseded updates.
Use the others.
For the latest updates only (excluding hotfixes):
Disregard the green-background hotfixes.
Use superseded updates.
Use the others.


Although much effort has been made to avoid errors in these lists, nevertheless they sometimes occur. You use the information on this page at your own risk. Likewise, you use updates and hotfixes at your own risk. You are solely responsible for the results you obtain for your system.

Updates begin here

This is a simplified view of the updates lists. Several columns are hidden so that it is possible to browse the lists on smaller screens. You can access the detailed view by clicking the link below.

Detailed view of the updates lists (requires a wide screen!)

If not slipstreamed alreadyHF\W2KSP4_XX.EXE
Required for slipstreaming IE6. Requires a registry fix, as explained in the KB article. Put .reg files into the HFSVCPACK folder
To slipstream: create the following folder hierarchy within your HFSLIP folder: HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32. Extract Mapistub.dll from Q291343_W2k_SP3_x86_XX.exe into this SYSTEM32 folder (from a command prompt, using the -x switch, or by using a file archiver tool such as 7-Zip). To install manually: extract the update, change the line in hotfix.inf NtServicePackVersion=512 to NtServicePackVersion=1024, then click hotfix.exeHFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\[hotfix]Mapistub.dll
(read the notes)
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB835465-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB819629-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB815473-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB816134-x86-XXX.exe
When requesting this hotfix, choose that with x86 in the Platform columnHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB819876-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB825027-x86-XXX.EXE
Take care if installing manually - remotesp.tsp included in this update will overwrite the newer version from 893756HF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB824692-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB826374-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB827507-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB827660-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB830764-x86-XXX.exe
Advanced & Datacenter Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB832145-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB832494-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB832951-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB285369-x86-XXX.EXE
When requesting this hotfix, choose that with Fix46946 in the File name columnHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB821394-x86-XXX.EXE
Requires a registry fix, as explained in the KB article. Put .reg files into the HFSVCPACK folderHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB830407-x86-XXX.EXE
When requesting this hotfix, choose that with Fix49739 in the Fix name columnHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB829707-x86-XXX.exe
MSXML 2.5HF\KB832414_MSXML2.5_x86.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB836163-x86-XXX.exe
Not available for [日本語](NEC)HF\[hotfix]UAA_HD_Audio_OOB_update.zip
(unzip, and use kb888111w2ksp4.exe)
N.B. must install 873437 with thisHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB831375-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB837439-x86-XXX.EXE
Superseded by [hotfix]843503HF\[superseded]Windows2000-KB838989-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHFSVCPACK_SW1\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB839161-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB839429-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB827817-x86-XXX.EXE
The requested package also contains an additional update: 828756. It's an older version of 834010, and a completely different fix to 828756 for Windows XP. Disregard itHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB834010-x86-XXX.EXE
FDV's fileset includes a modded SFC.DLL (build 5.0.2195.6673) that disables Windows File Protection (WFP). Hex edit SFC.DLL 5.0.2195.6921 to disable WFPHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB836726-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB837731-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB837903-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB841029-x86-XXX.exe
When requesting this hotfix, choose that with Fix100643 in the Fix name columnHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB830460-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB841186-x86-XXX.EXE
Server only, but Pro too if Front Page Extensions installedHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB838018-x86-XXX.EXE
Supersedes 838989HF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB843503-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB867455-x86-XXX.EXE
When requesting this hotfix, choose that with Fix75015 in the Fix name columnHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB831877-x86-XXX.EXE
Supersedes 839228HF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB872955-x86-XXX.exe
N.B. must install 831375 with thisHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB873437-x86-XXX.exe
Hex edit Explorer.exe 5.0.3900.6920 to get 256-colour tray icons. Note: may cause problems when installed manually on IE5-based systemsHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB324446-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB872799-x86-XXX.exe
Use the English version regardless of your system language. The Deutsch update installs an older version of the same file!HF\sct10en.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB872765-x86-XXX.exe
This hotfix is problematic. Slipstreaming it causes Error 87 with SclgNtfy (Secondary Logon Service Notification), but installing it manually does not. However, installing manually will overwrite some newer files, because they share the same build number. Workaround: install this update manually, thus: extract 884872 to its own folder (from a command prompt, using the -x switch). Then extract Crypt32.dll and Cryptnet.dll from 955417, and Browser.dll from 891861 (Update Rollup 1). Replace the corresponding files from 884872's folder with these latter (newer) files. Finally, install 884872 manually by clicking update.exe in 884872's "update" subfolderHF\[problematic][hotfix]Windows2000-KB884872-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB884875-x86-XXX.exe
Requires a registry fix, as explained in the KB article. Put .reg files into the HFSVCPACK folderHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB835730-v2-x86-XXX.exe
(same fix as for 891861 (Update Rollup 1))
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB888607-x86-XXX.exe
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB817771-x86-XXX.exe
Requires a registry fix, as explained in the KB article. Put .reg files into the HFSVCPACK folderHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB889330-x86-XXX.EXE
When requesting this hotfix, choose that with Fix149901 in the Fix name columnHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB837321-x86-XXX.EXE
This hotfix is problematic. When requesting this hotfix, choose the SP5 release. May cause a BSOD when using USB1 devices. In that case, omit this update to default to Usbhub.sys 5.0.2195.6689 and Usbser.sys 5.0.2195.6655 from SP4HF\[problematic][hotfix]Windows2000-KB838417-x86-XXX.exe
Server only, but Pro too if Front Page Extensions installed. Required for using WebDAV over HTTPS
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB892232-x86-XXX.exe
If installing manually, it will overwrite a newer Browser.dll from 891861 (Update Rollup 1), because it shares the same build number (even though it is older, differing in size and date). Workaround if installing manually: extract 894190 to its own folder (from a command prompt, using the -x switch). Then extract Browser.dll from 891861 (Update Rollup 1). Replace the corresponding file from 894190's folder with this latter (newer) file. Finally, install 894190 manually by clicking update.exe in 894190's "update" subfolderHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB894190-x86-XXX.exe
To slipstream this version of Msv1_0.dll (and not an older version), use the HFSVCPACK_SW1 folderHFSVCPACK_SW1\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB896081-x86-XXX.exe
This hotfix is problematic and cannot be slipstreamed. POSIX is not installed if using FDV's fileset[problematic][hotfix]Windows2000-KB891503-v2-x86-XXX.exe
Take care if installing manually - older files included in this update will overwrite some newerHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB180410-v2-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB896712-x86-XXX.EXE
Server onlyHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB899268-x86-XXX.EXE
Server only. When requesting this hotfix, choose that with Fix163571 in the File name column. Requires a registry fix, as explained in the KB article. Put .reg files into the HFSVCPACK folderHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB890466-x86-XXX.EXE
Server only
Required to access Windows Update
Server only, but Pro too if SMTP installedHF\[server][hotfix]Windows2000-KB898554-x86-XXX.EXE
Supersedes 899587HF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB907868-x86-XXX.EXE
Junk. Not available for [日本語](NEC)HF\Windows-KB909520-v1.000-x86-XXX.exe
This update is problematic. Not recommended because of verclsid.exe. Use 967715 instead which istalls a newer version of shell32.dll
COM+ is not installed if using FDV's filesetHF\[hotfix]Windows2000-KB922667-x86-XXX.EXE
Not available for عربي and [日本語](NEC). This update is missing from Microsoft Update Catalog HF\Windows2000-KB924432-x86-XXX.EXE
Superseded by [hotfix]872955HF\[superseded]Windows2000-KB839228-x86-XXX.EXE
Server only
Server onlyHF\Windows2000-KB961063-x86-XXX.EXE
Server only, but Pro too if Internet Information Services (IIS) installed
Impossible to slipstream. Use the registry fix instead (thanks Inki). Put .reg files into the HFSVCPACK folder
Server only
Update has several known issues - make sure to check the KB Article, which links to a fix to be used in the circumstances described - OCSASNFix.exe. If you need to use OCSASNFix.exe, put it (but not 974571) in the HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder
Needed to keep MU from asking for KB926122 (thanks stephan_bauer & My2GirlsDad)
Unnecessary if slipstreaming the latest IE Cumulative Update
Junk. For those who want junk on their system to keep Windows Update happy. Not available for [日本語](NEC)HF\WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB979099-Client-x86-XXX.exe
This hotfix is problematic. Server only, but Pro too if SMTP installed. Reported to cause Windows 2000-based servers to stop sending email when authentication is required. In that case, omit this update